Rolf Structural Integration

Jon Stange, certified SI practitioner


The first session in Rolfing is to free the ribcage for better breathing.

Rolf Structural Integration, is a method of bodywork that establishes an ordered and aligned relationship of all the body segments in the field of gravity. Gravity and the strong connective tissue fascia are intimately connected in the resilience of our posture and movement. Fascia is laid down in a multiple layered and directional fashion that creates an environment of balanced support within the skeletal structure. Because it is a network of tissue, any disruption to the body from accidents/injuries, postural weakness or stress, will ripple into the body and begin a distortion of joint function and muscle shortening as compensation. When this happens, we lose muscle length and strength or energy, also, fluidity of movement and vitality. Rolf Structural Integration works to release these harmful patterns through manual manipulation of the fascia and joint mobilization. We are trying to re-structure the body and improve the alignment of the joints which supports the body's vertical lift, one that isn't held up by forcing a postural pose but rather it's natural inclination toward balance.

photo-2 a before and after picture of a Structural Integration model demonstrates the alignment of the body after 10 hours of work.

Structural Integration follows a series of 10 sessions, each with a specific area of the body to be addressed. The first 3 sessions deal with what is known as the "sleeve", which is the broad layers of superficial fascia. We are beginning the process of changing structure by loosening this layer and preparing the body for deeper shifts of change and organization. The process of Structural Integration can be an intense experience, there is firm contact during the sessions and some sensitized areas can be a challenge to release. This is a brief moment of tissue change however, and the result can be a life without pain or stiffness. Your awareness and condition of health sometimes eludes the conscious mind, so we are trying to bring your attention to a most wonderful art form, the human body. The wisdom of Structural Integration is that we are revealing the life force and the innate healing mechanism that everyone possesses by freeing the body of strain and guiding the natural ordering of structure. It is physical therapy for the body and mind. The benefits from Structural Integration are: improved flexibility, muscular/skeletal pain relief, better breathing, better sports performance, efficient posture, faster accident/injury recovery, improved yoga practice and anti-aging.

*Disclaimer- prospective clients must be in good physical health before beginning the Rolf series of bodywork. A clearance from a qualified physician is required if there is any Pathology present. Another suggested requirement is that clients agree to participate in awareness practices that embody the tenets of Rolf Structure Integration, from stillness through movement.