Rolf Structural Integration

Jon Stange, certified SI practitioner

Jon Stange, Rolf bodywork practitioner, licensed massage therapist.

I began my studies in bodywork in 1995 while living in the central coast of California. I started out learning basic Swedish massage therapy at the Central Coast School of Body Therapy near San Luis Obispo. After graduation I continued my education studying various forms of deep tissue massage, sports massage, clinical massage, post-pregnancy massage and Reflexology. In 2005 a colleague referred me to a course in Deep Tissue Structural Bodywork which was based on the paradigm developed by Dr. Ida P. Rolf, Ph.D. The class was held at the Massage School of Santa Monica and taught by a man named Garnet Dupois. He was one of my most influential teachers and his knowledge, personality and expertise changed my life and work. His class led me to further explore this method of bodywork and in May of 2007 I enrolled at the Guild for Structural Integration in Boulder, CO. Some of Dr. Rolf's early graduates became instructors and continued to teach her original 10 session "recipe" developed as a teaching tool in the early days. I completed my training in February of 2008 as a certified Structural Integration 

practitioner and began a private practice in Santa Monica, CA. I am very fortunate to share my office with Harvey Ruderian, who was trained by Dr. Rolf in 1973. His work is legendary and the insights he shares are priceless pieces of history and expertise.

I'm also an avid endurance athlete and have competed in: Ironman events, marathons, ultra-marathons and open ocean paddle boarding. I grew up near the beach so I was always outdoors playing and getting a lot of exercise, and, as you can see not much has changed.

Completing the marathon leg of an Ironman triathlon in Davis, CA in 2005.

Enjoying the beauty and serenity of an alpine lake after day-hike in Lake Tahoe, CA.

Competing in a 11 mile open ocean paddleboard race.