Rolf Structural Integration

Jon Stange, certified SI practitioner

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Dr Ida Rolf was undoubtedly one of the most significant women of the twentieth century. A great mind and pioneering thinker, a creative scientist years ahead of her time, she spent much of her life ex...

"The goal of Structural Integration is the creation of order in the three dimensional body. Structural Integration is about how pieces or segments of the body are joined and how they are able to move in relation to each other." -Ida P. Rolf

Dr. Rolf during a demonstration on a model in Boulder, CO.

Structural Integration was conceived and developed by Ida P. Rolf, Ph.D., a dynamic biochemistry scientist from Brooklyn, New York. She began studying science at Barnard College and after graduating in 1916, was hired by the Rockefeller Institute to continue her studies. She earned a Ph.D. in biological chemistry from Columbia University and eventually became an associate at the Rockefeller Institute. Eventually she left the Rockefeller Institute due to family issues and also to study other sciences, some scientific, and some alternative such as yoga and osteopathy. The western medical field was limited in their scope of healing, so Dr. Rolf took her knowledge of physics and chemistry and blended it with yoga stretches and osteopathic movement exercises from a colleague named Amy Cochran. She succeeded in not only changing the structure of tissues, she revitalized the entire health of the body and mind, and so Structural integration was born. The formal 10 session series of Structural Integration was being used as early as the 1950's and by the early 1970's she began teaching her work to students at the Esalen Institute in Big Sur, California. Her work became known as "Rolfing", a term used by her early students at the Esalen Institute, later to be trademarked by the Rolf Institute of Structural Integration. She continued teaching until the late 1970's when her own health started to deteriorate and she eventually passed away in 1979.

She left an incredible legacy to humanity, one that can evolve the human body and unlock it's true power for healing on so many levels. Her original 10 session teaching blueprint is still being taught at the Guild for Structural Integration in Boulder, CO. ( You can visit to view some footage of Dr. Rolf speaking about structure, fascia and the process of Structural Integration.