Rolf Structural Integration

Jon Stange, certified SI practitioner

massage uses the hands to apply pressure into tight muscles of the neck.

In addition to structural bodywork, Inner Light Manual Therapy also offers healing and therapeutic massage modalities for optimum health & wellness. Massage Therapy is a great stand-alone practice in that it is highly versatile in scope, it can be used on anyone and it can also benefit many different health related practices like chiropractic adjustments, acupuncture, yoga, pregnancy care, sports training and recovery, anti-aging and stress management. Massage Therapy has a "user-friendly" quality that will always yield a positive outcome, it can be soothing and relaxing 

or more vigorous and stimulating. Massage Therapy focuses on improving blood flow into and out of muscular tissue by applying light to medium pressure to the muscles in a rhythmic motion using the hands and arms. Our massage programs range from light, soothing Swedish massage to Deep Tissue massage which uses a firmer pressure to access the deep layers of muscular tension and improve joint range of motion.